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Pins and Needles

Pins and Needles


Pins and needles is a common complaint. Most times it is due to certain positions putting pressure on nerves, which once you move they subside such as sleeping on your arm for example.

However it can become more serious when it doesn’t subside. It generally suggests some kind of nervous system pathology although can be related to circulation also.

Nerves can become irritated in the spine by disc herniation or as they travel through narrow passages such as between muscles on their route to the body.

Occasionally they can be a sign of more serious conditions such as multiple sclerosis for example.

How Can We Help?
Thankfully we can assess nerve function by testing things like sensation, reflexes and strength of muscles, which can tell us where the fault in the nervous system might be.

It may be necessary for further imaging or studies to be done to test nerve function.

At Spine Balance Claremont we regularly see people complaining of pins and needles, which improves once things such as posture, muscle and joint function improvements are made due to their positive effects on the nervous system.

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