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Neck Pain

Neck pain

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Neck pain is a common complaint affecting 10-15% of the population at any given time.

The majority of neck pain cases can be attributed to musculoskeletal problems such as muscle, joint and/or disc problems.

These problems are usually brought about by trauma such as a whiplash injury in a car accident or more gradually by poor posture and repetitive work tasks.

Chiropractors are highly trained in this area to assess and treat neck pain and at Spine Balance Claremont we see and treat this complaint on a daily basis.



Whiplash is a term to describe an acceleration/deceleration injury such as what occurs in a car accident.

It can result in injury to neck structures such as joints, discs, nerves, ligaments and muscles.

The key to whiplash improvement is early assessment so the severity of the injury can be graded, followed by appropriate treatment to prevent the injury becoming more long-term.

How Can We Help?
First of all a thorough assessment is needed to grade the extent of injury.

A treatment plan consisting of exercise and manual therapy will be recommended based on this grading.

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