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Tension-type Headache


Tension-type headache is the most common form of headache. Symptoms include a pressing or tight feeling around the head usually on both sides, which is mild or moderate in intensity.

It can last 30 minutes to 7 days or longer in some cases. Although the cause is not conclusively known at this stage, it appears to be due to a sensitisation of pain pathways or nerves in a certain part of the brain.

Stress, anxiety, negative mood, lack of sleep, sunlight and “knots” in neck and shoulder muscles are some of the triggers of tension-type headache.

How Can We Help?
Although the neck is not the sole cause of this headache, Chiropractic treatment to this area can improve pain levels and remove the neck structures as a trigger for these headaches.

We find a treatment plan addressing problems in the neck and shoulder muscles help in these cases and can reduce the frequency of headaches and reliance on pain medication.

Migraine Headache


Migraine headache is the second most common form of headache.

Symptoms include throbbing or pulsating pain usually on one side of the head that is moderate or severe in intensity. Sometimes this is associated with nausea or vomiting and light and sound sensitivity, which often makes the sufferer retire to bed in a dark room.

Typically it lasts for 4-72 hours. Some people will have an aura associated with their migraine which may include feelings of pins and needles and vision changes which warns them a migraine is coming on.

Migraine is a complex condition related to a combination of genetic and physiological factors. Generally there is a hypersensitivity to certain stimuli which can trigger the cascade of events which lead to symptoms. Triggers include alcohol, certain foods, sunlight, lack of sleep, menstruation, sunlight, change of weather and noise to name a few.

How Can We Help?
Chiropractic treatment directed to the spine and lifestyle advice to reduce triggers can decrease frequency of migraines through its effect of removing the neck structures as a trigger for the migraines.

Cervicogenic Headache


Cervicogenic Headache are those which are secondary to neck musculoskeletal dysfunction. Symptoms are usually one sided and tend to start in the neck and refer to the head.

They are aggravated by neck motion or postures which stress the neck region and there may be restricted neck movement.

It may occur after trauma such as a whiplash injury or from sustained poor postures.

How Can We Help?
Cervicogenic Headache can be diagnosed with high reliability with a skilled examination.

Thankfully it responds well to Chiropractic treatment directed at faulty neck joints, which improves function and decreases pain.

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