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Back Pain

Low Back Pain


Low back pain is a common problem affecting 80% of the population at some point in their lives and 1 in 4 people at any given moment.

It is a costly problem all over the world and has been the focus of countless research articles over the years.

So far we know that low back pain is complex and does not have one single cause.

There are several structures in the spine capable of causing low back pain for example discs, joints, muscles, ligaments and nerves themselves however we can’t always differentiate between these structures easily and in some cases it may involve several structures.

What we do know is that there are some characteristics of Low back pain that may respond better to certain types of treatment and at Spine Balance Claremont our Chiropractors are highly trained to assess and formulate treatments based on these characteristics.

Mid Back Pain

Mid back pain affects about one quarter of the amount of low back or neck pain sufferers in 1 year, however is still a common reason why people seek treatment. 

Joints, muscles and ligaments in the mid back region are capable of causing pain. Often this is due to things such as poor posture, falls or accidents which can overwhelm the tissues causing joint inflammation, muscle guarding and pain.

The mid back region can contribute to neck pain and low back pain in some individuals.

How Can We Help?
Mid back pain related to musculoskeletal problems can be helped with spinal manipulation, soft tissue techniques and exercises. Correcting faulty movements and restoring motion in the spine as well as postural imbalances can provide relief from mid back pain.

Pregnancy & Back Pain


Back pain during pregnancy is a common occurrence as the body undergoes physiological changes and postural changes due to the baby.

One of the most common symptoms later in pregnancy is pain in the back and pelvic region.

Stress is increased on the pelvic joints as the hormones relax ligaments in preparation of birth and combined with weight gain and postural changes it is easy to see why the lower back, mid-back and pelvic areas can cause back pain..

How Can We Help?
Assessing the spine and musculature around the pelvis and back and correcting any problems in terms of weakness or stiffness of certain joints can reduce compensation and manage pain which is important as some pain medications are not recommended during pregnancy.

Our Chiropractors use gentle techniques in comfortable positions to decrease your back pain during pregnancy.

Disc Herniation


Disc herniation occurs when the inside jelly like part of the disc breaches the tough outer layers and “herniates” through. This most commonly occurs in the lumbar region at the L4/5 and L5/S1 discs however can occur in other regions of the spine.

Interestingly this process does not always cause pain however inflammation from the injury or compression of the nearby nerve by the disc material can cause pain or nerve symptoms like pins and needles or weakness or sharp shooting pain in the distribution of the nerve involved.

Symptoms may include low back pain, leg pain past the knee or “sciatica”, pins and needles, numbness or weakness in the leg or foot if the low back is involved or arm and hand if the neck is involved.

Disc Herniation can occur with significant trauma but usually occurs due to damage over a long period as the tough outer fibres of the disc get damaged over time until the jelly works its way through most of these. This may be felt as low back pain for some time before full disc herniation.

How can we help?
Most cases of disc herniation will improve with time as the body heals the area although some require urgent attention.

A thorough assessment is necessary to grade the extent of the injury. Gentle techniques to the area to improve movement can be helpful by providing some pain relief, improved nutrition to the healing disc and also to improve blood flow.

These help with reactivation and getting back to normal activities which is critical with all types of low back pain to prevent it becoming a chronic problem.

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