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Jaw Pain

Young Woman Holding the Side of Her Face in PainJaw pain is a common complaint with 50-70% of people experiencing it at some point. There are several structures that can contribute to jaw pain including those that relate to the teeth and structures surrounding them, those that relate to the jaw joint itself called the temporomandibular joint and those that relate to the muscles surrounding the jaw to name a few. It has also been shown that weakness of some neck muscles can predispose people to jaw problems also. What symptoms might suggest you have a jaw problem? Well the most common reported symptoms include joint sounds such as clicking with movement, restricted mouth opening and of course pain in the jaw region. Correcting joint movement and treating the jaw muscles along with a rehabilitation program can have a positive effect for most jaw pain sufferers. If teeth grinding is an issue night splints from your dentist may also help ease symptoms. If you are experiencing jaw pain contact us to see how we can help.

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