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Pins and Needles – What could they mean?

Pins and Needles – What could they mean?

Paraesthesia is the term given to pins and needles and other abnormal sensations such as burning, crawling, cold, hot and tingling when there is no reason for these to be felt. This is a common complaint we hear in practice and is a sign of altered nerve […]

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Hot Or Cold For Low Back Pain

One common question we are asked is “should I use a heat pack or an ice pack?” Well the answer depends on what you are trying to achieve. Ice is traditionally better during times of inflammation and swelling which is usually in the first 48 -72 hours […]

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Jaw Pain

Jaw pain is a common complaint with 50-70% of people experiencing it at some point. There are several structures that can contribute to jaw pain including those that relate to the teeth and structures surrounding them, those that relate to the jaw joint itself called the temporomandibular […]

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Welcome to Spine Balance

Welcome to our new website. We have undergone an image change recently from Bayview Chiropractic to Spine Balance Claremont. The reason for doing this is to emphasise our focus, which is on treating the spine and spine related complaints. For all our current patients it is business […]

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